Step 1: Review the participation requirements

Before you start planning your competition, make sure you can meet the following program participation requirements, which are also listed on the Letter of Commitment. Unsure if you can do any of these items? Reach out to your Facilities staff (for data questions), your Residential Life or sustainability staff (for marketing & outreach questions), or other individuals on your campus for guidance. No one wants to be up the creek without a paddle!

To enable our school to run a successful competition, we understand that we must do:

Data access & competition set-up
  • For each participating building, have access to daily whole-building electricity (kWh) and/or water (gallons) consumption data using existing metering (utility bills will not work).
  • Set up each of our buildings and our competition in BuildingOS, the Lucid website through which competitions shown on Building Dashboard are managed.
  • Submit to BuildingOS an accurate baseline electricity and/or water consumption value for each building in our competition.
  • Submit to BuildingOS accurate electricity and/or water consumption values for each building in our competition at least twice per week during the competition time period.
  • Ensure that our group competition (against other schools) will be registered on the CCN website by one of the participating schools by December 11.

  • Marketing & outreach
  • Take advantage of program training webinars and guidance materials.
  • Widely publicize and encourage participants to visit our school’s Building Dashboard website so that they know how their building is doing and are motivated to keep reducing.
  • Promote participation in our campus competition through the use of tools such as prizes, special events, social media, door-to-door campaigns, signage, removable stickers, Building Dashboard widgets, and the establishment of social norms.
  • Partner with existing campus departments, programs, and organizations on all of the above.

  • Step 2: Register!

    Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to register your school to compete! The last day to register is October 25, 2013, so don't delay!

    Step 3: Email us a signed CCN 2014 Letter of Commitment

    What: A signed CCN 2014 Letter of Commitment is required to participate in CCN 2014.

    Deadline: December 11, 2014 (this is the last day we will accept CCN 2014 Letters of Commitment)

    How: Download a blank copy of the letter. Get it signed, then email a PDF of a scanned copy to

    Why: Glad you asked! We don’t like paperwork either, but we guarantee that your competition will run much more smoothly, and will post much more impressive savings, if you have the support of your facilities and residential life staff. Trust us, you’ll thank us later.

    Have questions? Get in touch with us at